The major technological and industrial advancement in our world today brought about the waste accumulation problem and it has become one of the main global issues affecting the environment and climate.

The international community is constantly concerned about the issue; hence, raising the performance in environmental protection, treating global warming, enhancing resource management and achieving sustainable growth generally represent the fundamental challenges that the world needs to deal with urgently and effectively.

It is now clear that environmental degradation and climate change issues are to be prioritized, along with undertaking the appropriate planning, health, environmental, social, economic, legislative and institutional precautions and measures to achieve environmental enhancement in direct alignment with an integrated waste management system.

The Green Climate and Smart Waste Management International Conference is considered an important platform to display future visions and work plans. We gather some of the major intellects and action-takers from around the globe to discuss the best solutions towards smart sustainable green communities and cities. The conference sheds a light upon some of the main issues such as: smart waste management including infrastructure, transportation, circular economy, renewable energy, green economy, green entrepreneurship, green growth, carbon print, environmental governance and advanced technology in waste management.

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